Looking for Web design company for your business?

The attributes to consider while selecting a web design company for your business:

  • Integrity & honesty
    It’s fundamental to your relationship that the web company have integrity. You need to trust that they’re behaving ethically and morally, since their guidance will affect not only your website but also your business. They also need honesty, so that you can believe and trust what they tell you.
  • Long-term partnership
    Your business website isn’t a fleeting thing; it’s a major player in your marketing efforts, and maybe even the operations of your business (for example, an ecommerce site). You should be seeking a long-term relationship with your web company, and they should be looking for the same thing. You don’t want a company that’s only looking for a quick buck.
  • Soft skills
    It’s not hard to find technical skills in a web company; they’re often started by technical people, and the teams usually contain technical people. What’s harder to find, yet critical to success, are the soft skills (people skills) such as communication, empathy, reliability, and responsibility.
  • Established
    If you’re serious about your website (and you are, right?), you want a web company that’s been around for a while, and is likely to stay in business for a while. We’ve talked to so many small businesses who had their sites developed by a friend, family member, part-timer, freelancer, or startup, then their contact disappears or gives up. We’ve rescued many projects from these situations. Save yourself the hassle and choose an established company from the start.
  • Focused on business results
    You have a website to accomplish business goals (selling in some way). The web company needs to understand this and create your site based on business goals, not on technology or trends. If the company seems more concerned about experimenting with technology than understanding your business, it’s not a good sign.
  • Project management
    Even small web projects require some project management, and it becomes increasingly important the more complex the project gets. The company needs to be competent at juggling multiple requirements and keeping the project on budget and on schedule. It may be hard to discover a company’s project management abilities, so ask a few of their clients who they managed their projects.
  • Speaks your language (at your level)
    Some web companies try to impress or intimidate with their techie language. Good companies won’t, because they want you to understand what they’re saying. They ask, “does that make sense?” after explaining something technical, and are willing to explain.
  • Well-connected
    Websites don’t exist in vacuum; they’re part of your broader marketing efforts. Most companiesdon’t have all the skills necessary to provide everything you’ll need as you grow (for example, photography, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.). A well-connected company will be able to subcontract, partner with, or refer you to skills they don’t have.
  • Quick to reply
    You’d be surprised how many web companies take days (and sometimes weeks) to reply to prospects and clients when they email or call. Do you want to wait that long when you need help, while creating your site or maintaining it? Look for a company that replies relatively quickly; within one business day
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Why do I need a website ?

A website is the most cost-effective marketing tool a small business has. It’s ‘open’ 24/7 to bring in new customers, tell them about your services, and turn them into buyers–even while you’re asleep.

Good websites also help ease customer support burdens through FAQ’s, driving directions, product instructions, online estimate/request forms, etc. Websites can do a lot more than look good.

You can also use your website to capture the emails of potential customers and build a mailing list with it. This mailing list allows you to better connect with your customers, gather feedback from them as well as update them on any upcoming promotions.

A small business required website for some of the reasons like

  1. Reason #1 – Online Presence
  2. Reason #2 – More customers
  3. Reason #3 – Business value
  4. Reason #4 – Influence
  5. Reason #5 – Time to show off
  6. Reason #6 – 24 hours Online
  7. Reason #7 – 24 hours Communication with customers
  8. Reason #8 – Online Marketing
  9. Reason #9 – Online Customer support

Best of all, websites don’t expire like ads do. They continue to bring in traffic over time.

Here are some tools to help you drive traffic to your website:

  • Google Adwords & Facebook Ads (Google Adwords allows you to find out exactly what keywords your target audience is searching for, Google Adwords + Facebook Ads allow you to create targeted ads on their respective platforms)
  • Google Analytics (A free analytics tool that allows you to track your website traffic and its various sources. This is especially useful in helping you identify your best performing campaigns and traffic sources, allowing you to focus on the most effective channels for your business.)
  • Social media (Establishing an online presence on social media helps drive traffic to your website as more and more consumers are spending time on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat, etc.)

Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is a redundant concept. The new generation has not seen a world without social media. Therefore there is no point in distinguishing social media marketing and non social media marketing.

Allow me to elaborate and explain.

Folks try and dissect ‘marketing’ in different ways.

A. Based on who we are trying to reach

  • B2B Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing

B. Based on how we reach the target audience

  • Direct Marketing
  • Mass Marketing

C. Based on ‘who’s looking for whom’!

  • Outbound Marketing (Finding consumers)
  • Inbound Marketing (Being Found)

D. Based on the type of activity

  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Show marketing
  • Search Marketing

E. Based on approach / attitude

  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing

F. Based on the channel

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter/ LinkedIn / YouTube /Instagram

We could go on and keep slicing it in different ways. There is no right or wrong way of looking at this. Some may be more appropriate than others in different situations.

Having said that, perhaps the most ineffective way of looking at marketing is based on channel.

  • Channels are just a means to reach a consumer. They will come and go. Right now it is Facebook and Google. In 3 years it may be snapchat and quora 🙂
  • The basic principles of ‘messaging, positioning and communication’ will not change based on the channel. The tactics for each channel will surely be different.
  • What makes marketing tick is a consumers’ holistic relationship with a brand, not the tactics employed on different platforms.

The only things to keep in mind are…

  1. All of the above are means to an end. The ‘end’ is building a successful relationship with the consumer.
  2. Its usually a combination of activities that works well.

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What Bulk SMS can do for your business?



Everybody realizes that the present time is innovation arranged. Accordingly, every business singular keep his business associated with the innovation to run it smooth always. If you will take a gander at the worldwide market nearly, you will find that it depends much on the Bulk SMS Services with regards to brand advancement, sharing the data and for online check.

The following is a rundown of what SMS can accomplish for your business, with expect to ideally help you and give you some new thoughts to utilize SMS Marketing to help you develop.


Content informing can be utilized for imparting inside your organization. In the event that you have to enlighten staff individuals regarding an adjustment in their day of work, a meeting they should go to or even a staff night out, this should all be possible with a basic instant message.

Take installments

A few organizations utilize SMS to pursue borrowers with an incredible achievement rate. Once more, this implies there is no requirement for somebody on the telephone taking an installment and does not require a convoluted and costly framework to gather installments, it should now be possible every single through content.


You can showcase your business on the web, on announcements, TV, radio, print, and so forth. There are many approaches to advertise your business, yet now a great deal of organizations are moving towards content informing, and with a 98% open rate, you can perceive any reason why.

You can send an instant message advancing your site, items, or administration. This can be sent in Bulk SMS to every one of your clients or it can be separated into various socioeconomics meaning you can focus on your messages to particular clients.


Discovering what your client considers you and your items can be the contrast between a client forever and a lost client. Sending a review over content is a quick method for getting criticism from your clients.

It is truly straightforward, send an instant message requesting that your client rate you, alongside two or three different inquiries in the event that you might want to ask and in the blink of an eye, you will have a reaction.

Important Reminder

You can utilize SMS Marketing to help clients to remember an arrangement, and this should be possible naturally. In the event that you continually have individuals overlooking they have an arrangement and not turning up, you could send them an instant message preceding their arrangement as a delicate bump to remind them not to miss it.

This guarantees your client does not overlook they have an arrangement, which means there are no lost expenses in individuals not turning up or having to re-book after they have neglected to turn up.

With a mechanized content informing administration you can set up your framework to send an instant message to a client quickly after they have obtained, even with particular insights about their request. This can be carried on all through the procedure and straight up to a last message after the item has been conveyed.

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