How much does it cost to build an Android app for my business?

Mostly every app is custom built and the development cost depends on the features of the app.

Dreamz Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading mobile app development company in Pune,India, delivering custom and enterprise web and mobile solutions across multiple platforms.
We excel at combining design, strategy, testing and development capabilities to craft excellent applications for consumers as well as enterprises.

Right from the onset, we have provided competitive solutions to our clients resulting in complete client satisfaction for the services delivered.

Mobile application market is very competitive as a mobile app is quite necessary for any business


It simply depends on:

  1. What to you’d like to have – Functionalities
  2. How sophisticated it’s going to be – Personalization
  3. How big is it going to be – Scale
  4. The cost for the development of any application can be determined on the basis of features you want to implement in your app, and your selection of platforms.

We offer absolute best price for our top quality mobile app development services.

We work on Mobile application development.
We follow standard process for developing Android Application.
It starts from Requirement Gathering, Analyzing, Prototyping, Development, Testing and final Deployment.

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Be Digital : Professional website designed, built, registered and hosted for just Rs. 4999/-

Be Digital – 2017

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you ready with your organization for digital India !

According to your organization; you may need different things to be done in the digital manner. Here we are suggesting some points.

Enhance your company image:Professional website designed, built, registered and hosted for just Rs. 4999/-

Design & Development:-

? Website Development

? Web – Applications Development

? Customize Software Development

? ERP (Complete Organization Solution)

? E-Commerce website

? Web Hosting Services

? Android App Development

? iOS App Development

IT Marketing:-

? Search Engine Optimization

? Search Engine Marketing

? Social Media Management

Digital Marketing:-

? Bulk SMS

? Bulk WhatsApp SMS

? Bulk E-Mail Marketing

Enterprise Services:-

? Toll Free / IVR

? Short Code / Long Code / Voice Call / Voice SMS

? Payment Gateway Solutions

? Online Advertisements

If you require any quotation for any of the mentioned services above, feel free to get in touch with us.


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In today’s seemingly endless world of mobile apps, even if you think you have a winner, get ready for your bubble to be burst fairly quickly. If you do bust through the app launch barrier and your app starts generating downloads, you should know that your work is just beginning.

Not only did you build it, but you need to inspire as many downloaders as possible to continue using it, hence retaining them as users which would turn into increased monetization opportunities. If you build it, they might come and download it. But, will they come again..and again….and again? That is your app’s main goal, maximizing your retention rate and converting those first time users into 2nd, 3rd, 4th time users and beyond.

Understanding App Store’s search algorithms is probably the biggest challenge in today’s mobile world. They are so dynamic and predictably keep changing.

Thanks to ASO tools that help us to test many challenges and find out what works and what doesn’t.

What I learned by helping many app publishers recently is that there is a clear correlation between having highly searched keyword in the name of an app and boosting your ranking for that difficult keyword.

Gaurav O. Gattani